Finally it poured — the South-West monsoon. The first rains came on the morning of the 8th. It was a real good downpour. Today the whole day it did not rain, but a weak shower has started now at 10 PM here. The Met dept after watching the rain yesterday predicted that monsoon would hit the coast yesterday. After seeing that the rains were weak, it also added that the rains were weak.

3 thoughts on “Finally..

  1. How long are you in Kerala for? Or is that personal information that will remain undisclosed to your adoring webaudience at large, for fear of stalkers?:)

  2. Monsoon is what I most about Kerala, here in US. Usually, I go home to Kerala in August – so I can get very wet in rain and can see all the lush green paddy fields in Palakkad.

  3. Uma, I try to keep personal information to a min 🙂 my stalkers are part of the electronic herd, so my geographical location does not matter.

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