Definition of Peace

Here are the results of the elections held in a state ruled by the Communist Party of India.
“Bengal panchayat poll violence takes 14 lives”:
bq. West Bengal today put Bihar to shame in the three-tier panchayat election which left at least 14 dead and 36 injured, as per official figures. Police had to fire 27 rounds to quell violent mobs from both the ruling CPI(M)-led Left Front and Opposition in more than three districts. Unofficial circles put the death toll at 19.
Even women were not spared. Two women voters were gunned down by Communist Party of India(Marxist) group members. Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee claimed that the elections were by and “large peaceful”:
This is the definition of peace according to the Communists of India.

7 thoughts on “Definition of Peace

  1. So what is the alternative. Congress & Cronies are ruling in Kerala and you get cases like MARAD Beach violence.
    BJP is ruling Gujarat and you get the communal clashes?
    So who next ?
    I guess a few people would die anyways. Accidents on roads kill many more than that killed in elections. No I am saying it is okay. But if a few crazy guys going gaga with guns can disturb the peace of a state or a nation, then we have had it.
    Just my 2 cents.

  2. Communists by nature are violent creatures. It is encoded in their ideology. After all their credo is the ‘violent overthrow of capialists governments” and replace them with the ‘dictatorship’ of the prolotariet. That the CPI and CPI-M have embraced democracy is a facade, they have nothing but contempt for it, and the evidence is clear to see. Armed thugs are going around killing people to ensure that the Party’s position is secured.

  3. Communists have murdered more people in the complete history of the world, than all other tyrannical doctrines put together.

  4. Check out this page – in the “opinions in the media” section, there are three articles, all by Bidwai and all dealing with McCarthyism – I think Bidwai has a crush on McCarthy 😉

  5. Calling communits a murderous bunch is like calling all followers of Islam as being barbaric.
    I hope those who are making the comments do understand that compared to other doctrines, more people have been ruled by Communists.
    For that matter what doctrines do BJP and Congress follow “DIVIDE and RULE”.
    As for me I will live anyday under a communist rule, than a pseudo-secular one that openly supports religious fanatics.

  6. Mr Shanti! How about these doctrines?
    1. European Colonialism (forgot about northern and latin american Ind?�nas, Australian Aborigenees etc., Mr. Shanti? But, yes, you must remember the utterly peaceful British Rule in India)
    2. Fascism (Mr. Shanti doesn’t seem to be too familiar with this doctine)
    3. The Roman Catholic Church and religiously motivated conflicts
    4. Right Wing Military dictatorships (Guatemala, Turkey, Colombia) + Paramilitarism
    Obviously false and stupid arguments always serve the opposite party, Mr Shanti. In this respect: Be careful not to be regarded as a commnist!!!

  7. Mtos – first of all, it is Ms. Shanti – not a Mr. I think it is sexist to assume every person who comments on something is automatically a man.
    As for your arguments, I will reply to them once I understand what exactly is the point you are trying to make.

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