Indian Political Activism

“US Congress probes Pakistan’s role in aiding terrorism”:
bq. After the vote, Rep. Faleomavaega stated that he harbored no ill-will against the people of Pakistan. ‘It would be hypocritical for the United States to support a dictatorship despite a firm, long-standing policy against coup instigators. Today, Pakistan remains a dictatorship, while only a few years ago it was a democracy. By contrast, India has demonstrated that democracy can take root and prosper in non-Western cultures as well, even under the most difficult circumstances.’

Due to the efforts of the Indian Political Action Committee (“USINPAC”:, this amendment has been unanimously passed, which requires the Administration to disclose to US Congress and to the American people the extent to which Pakistan is fulfilling its promise to clamp down on cross-border terrorism, shutting down terrorist camps in Pakistan-held Kashmir, and halting the proliferation of nuclear weapons technology to rogue states and terrorists.