Why India should remain nuclear

“Pakistan offers nuclear-free deal”:http://www.cnn.com/2003/WORLD/asiapcf/05/05/pakistan.india.nuclear.ap/index.html
bq. “As far as Pakistan is concerned, if India is ready to denuclearize, we would be happy to denuclearize,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Aziz Ahmed Khan said. “But it will have to be mutual.”
This is one trick we should not fall for as Scott Draker warns

bq. Pakistan’s offer to India is not exactly good news. If taken at face value, it would leave China as the undisputed regional power — with nukes. Pakistan is a client of China, so it’s no surprise that they would extend this offer. It is in the US interest to see India emerge as a counterbalance to China in the region. However a non-nuclear India could not counterbalance a nuclear China.
bq. With regard to proliferation, Indian nukes are not a problem. While the world would be a better place without Pakistani nukes, the proliferation concern is the same whether Pakistan fields them or not. I’m afraid they would continue to sell expertise, even finished weapons, at the right price.
bq. There are only 4 countries in the world actively fighting Islamic terrorism: US, India, Russia and Israel. Those are the folks I’d like to see the US aligning with.
That’s right. Tomorrow in case of a war, the Chinese would repaint their nukes, translate the manuals into Urdu and gift them to Islamabad. India has to remain a nuclear power till the whole world disarms.
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  1. JK, Instapundit has a very good email from someone on this very same subject. The gist is that if both Pakistan and India disarm, China remains the only nuclear power in Asia, and can secretly keep supplying Pakistan, so it could be China playing the puppeteer to Pakistan, trying to get India to disarm.

    JK writes the following about Pakistan’s bogus nuclear-weapons free offer: That’s right. Tomorrow in case of a war, the Chinese

  3. Mone, you’re getting plenty of Instapundit links of late. Nalla kutti. What’s your secret sauce recipe, my friend?

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