Last week it was “Dave Barry”:https://varnam.org/archives/000073.html. This week I met “Yanni”:http://www.yanni.com/ at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. The Hollywood Bowl is no Taj Mahal, Forbidden City or Acropolis, but the music was out of the world. The energy in his music is so high and has a grand majestic feeling to it. If he is playing near your area, don’t miss it.

9 thoughts on “Yanni!

  1. I am going to leave you at peace for a while, no more concerts, celebrity meetings as I have become bankrupt attending the Yanni concert ($17 for parking!, so you can imagine the other costs, like tickets, food etc)

  2. LOL – good about not making me jealous any more part, but sorry that you had to go broke to fulfill my wish 😉

  3. Hey Shanti, I’m no hater of JK than you are a lover of him. It seems you jump to conclusions without giving a thought.

  4. Wow! looks like someone needs to lighten up a bit and learn how to take a joke!
    Good blog, JK. I have generally been interested in Indian culture for a while.
    Did you listen to Yanni in India?

  5. Lily, My introduction to Yanni was by accident. I was standing in Rythm House in Mumbai when they played the Santorini from “Live in Acropolis” CD. I was totally impressed. Without even knowing who this person was, I bought the CD.

  6. Do you give advise to everyone this freely, or is this limited only to Indian bloggers and their visiters. You claim you are interested in Indian culture, is that why you have a quite good Indian name, Lily???

  7. Sunitha, for the record, I did not even mention your name. What bothers you so much about other people?
    I am interested in Indian culture, but I happen to be American, so my name is Lily. Happy?

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