Avoiding the Radar

” First stealth warship launched”:http://www.hinduonnet.com/thehindu/stories/2003041905530100.htm
bq. The “Shivalik” and its sisters are 143 metre long and 16.9 metre wide (at beam). Their stealth character diminishes physical signatures ? radar, infra red and sound ? making it difficult for an enemy to detect and attack them.
” India develops ‘silent’ intercept radar”:http://www.irna.com/en/head/030416235131.ehe.shtml
bq. India has developed a low probability intercept radar that cannot be detected by incoming aircraft and can escape from anti-radiation missile attack, local media reported on Wednesday.

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  1. That sounds like really cool tech, JK. I think the kind of people we have in India, if we can collaborate closely with the Israeli guys, we should be able to achieve some really good stuff.

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