Hollow Protests

Ashwini asks:
Why is it OK for the mob ?
bq. Numerous African nations are at war, why are there no global protests? Aren?t the Africans worth your time? Don?t they too deserve to lead peaceful lives? How different are these wars from the current Iraq war? Suicide bombers are killing foreign nationals thereby fighting a proxy war against the countries of those killed. Why is there no global outrage? Aren?t these lives worth anything? Pakistan sends murderous jihadis into Indian Jammu and Kashmir on a regular basis and people are killed everyday by these jihadis. These are political killings just as war killings are. Where are the global peace protests against the Pakistani govt ? Numerous govts are killing their own people, torturing them and destroying their properties. They are at war against their own people but where are the peace protests? Or is a peace protest valid only when you protest against certain countries? The silence is deafening and the selective protestation seems hollow
Why is no one writing articles titled “Kilimanjaro, Nile, Niger, Congo” in the Guardian. Why is no one holding candles in Marina Beach for these people ?

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