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Indian Americans, Speak Now and Be Heard!
bq. There are nearly 2 million Indian Americans in the United States. We are among the most highly educated, and affluent ethnic groups. Our diverse community would like to see progress on a number of political issues: US-India relations, trade, business and equal opportunity, just to name a few. Yet, because we lack a political brand that can collectively represent us in Washington, we have no influence on Capitol Hill. By contrast, the Jewish, Hispanic and African-American communities are much better organized, and are able to effectively influence U.S. policy.

The article is about “USINPAC”: (US India Political Action Commitee), an organization started in 2002 to represent Indo-Americans at Capitol Hill. There have been lot of questions on the agenda of this
organization. The basic question that everyone has about Indian groups
in US is this (which was asked by “Rajiv Malhotra”:
* What is the organization?s stand when India?s interests clash against Pakistan?s, and hence, the ?South Asian? identity compromises what we can assert?
* What is the stand concerning Indian Americans who, under the rubric of human rights, or academic studies, or whatever logic, publicly hit against India or its culture, justifying this as a way to ?cure? India?
The stand of this organization is pro-India. Now why would we be suspect of any Indian organization. ? The answer is the various South Asian “neocolonists”: and sepoys who have been bad mouthing India in the American media. They think degrading India in the eyes of the world is the only way to cure India of its ills. They conveniently ignore the fact that India is a democracy and still has a judicial system (however bad it is)
So please go through the “discussion”: of this issue at Sulekha.