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Politics Seldom Far From Ancient India
bq. Those who are on the side of the Hindu fundamentalists have been misusing archaeology to push back the antiquity of Indian civilization
This statement was made by Dr. D N Jha. His gripe is against the present Government which has decided to do archeological excavations in search of the river Saraswati. What is at stake here is the reputation of many scholars who advovate the Aryan Invasion Theory.
As per AIT, India was inhabited by a bunch of dumbos. One day a fine group of Sanskrit speaking horse riding Europeans came, invaded and drove the people of India to the south. The Europeans then taught the natives the Vedas, Internet, and the use of toilet paper.
“India’s ‘miracle river'”:http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/2073159.stm
bq. Through satellite photography, scientists have mapped the course of an enormous river that once flowed through the north western region of India. The images show that it was 8 km wide in places and that it dried up 4,000 years ago.
If the Saraswati excavations are successful, there is a possibility that it can be proved that Hinduism predated the invasion and the culture was local to India. Again, this is a possibility. This is causing worries in the AIT. The stand taken is not, “Let the excavations continue and we shall evaluate what turns up”. No sir, even if archeology proves that Saraswati civilization predated the so called Aryan Invasion, since the excavations were done when the democratically elected BJP Govt. is in power, it will be wrong.