The War

All American TV Channels are trying to cover the war the whole night,
without any real information. They go to correspondents all over the
world, and they all tell the same information. Fox has switched to
American Idol. NBC is showing some cool animation of aircrafts taking
of from an air base and launching bunker busters. After many months of
“Target Iraq” programs on various channels, the TV channels would have
been disappointed if the war had not happened.
“Salam Pax”: (from Baghdad) tells that there was a rumor floating that
Saddam’s brother had asked him to surrender, but in turn he has
imprisoned him
bq. It is being said that Barazan (Saddam?s brother) has suggested to
him that he should do the decent thing and surrender, he got himself
under house arrest in one of the presidential palaces which is
probably going to be one of the first to be hit.
BBC is reporting that Saddam is going to address his people in a while.

5 thoughts on “The War

  1. Did you watch Saddam’s speech last night ? I wasn’t even sure if it was the real Saddam or one of the doubles. He seemed to look a lot older than his 63 years. The speech translated into English was not too convincing. I wonder how it sounded in Arabic.

  2. here is an update
    Meanwhile, CIA analysts concluded from computerized voiceprint analysis that it was Saddam Hussein, not one of his lookalikes, who appeared on television shortly after the U.S. attempted to kill the Iraqi leader and his top commanders early Thursday morning in Baghdad.

  3. I guess people are still confused. Most of the war related shows were still debating this. I am surprised why none of them mentioned the CIA report. One would expect it to be considered “credible”.

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