Bharatiya Blog Mela #4

If you want to summarize this week, the key words are garbage
and UN. Some people think both are the same, especially here in United States.
But I am talking from the context of the best of
Indian blogs for this week

Ratheesh Krishna
gives us his thoughts on garbage, garbage collection and
garbage disposal. He is not talking about Java Garbage collection, but
with respect to plastic bags. (See Mar 12th blog)

tells why India should NOT be a part of UN Security
council. Ravi
tells us why India should be part of it.

the mallu devil
explains why bandhs and hartals are good for the

, takes a look back at how he started watching

Hrishikesh Ballal
has a photo blog, which I think is the only one in Indian Blogsphere.

Zilch Zilch writes on some important issues covered in Indian Newspapers.

If you would like to host next week’s Blog
Mela, please mention it in the comments. The previous three blog mela’s were hosted by realwomen

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