Blog Mela: Answers

Many people asked me one simple question: What the heck is a blog mela ?. Here are some answers

  • It the selection of what you think is a collection of the best indian blogs for the week
  • One volunteer agrees to host it.
  • Others nominate best blogs (individual posts, not the whole blog).
  • You can nominate your own blogs
  • In reality, the person hosting does all of the above as no one sends any nominations (hopefully, as more people get involved, this will change)
  • On wednesday, the blog mela is put on the host’s site and is mirrored
  • If you would like to host next wednesday’s blog mela, just let us know through the comments section
  • the previous three mela’s were hosted at realwomenonline
  • We request you to add a link every wednesday to the place where the blog mela is hosted.
  • Blog Mela was started by Ashwini and Shanti

If you have any suggestions, then let us discuss. Do you think we should have a better name for this ? Should we have an icon/banner ?

Update: Ashwini clears up the doubts: I think there seems to be some confusion here as to what this Blog Mela is about. This is not an official �award� function type feature. No one is judging anyone or their posts in this case. That was not our ( Shanti�s or my intention) when we started this. It is supposed to be a fun thing where the bloggers themselves nominate their best post of the week. The Blog Mela will simply be a collection of such posts. That would give people to showcase their own posts and allow readers to simply visit one website and read a fairly good collection of posts. All posts were to be accepted unless, there was profanity involved. You act as your own filter. No one is �judging� anyone�s post here.

13 thoughts on “Blog Mela: Answers

  1. Interesting concept. Megnut’s Lafayette Project comes to my mind when I saw this although it might be an automatic process to acheive something similar. Long back, I had started Khwab with more or less the same idea but it was not to be.
    Good luck. We need more cross linking among indian bloggers.

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