More developments in Malaysia

After Indian IT professionals were mistreated in Malaysia by Malaysian police, here are some actions by the Indian Govt.

  • Outraged over the ill-treatment of 270 Indian IT professionals in Malaysia, New Delhi has decided to re-examine some of the decisions pending under its civil aviation bilateral treaty with Kuala Lumpur.
    The first casualty could well be the extension of landing facility to Malaysian Airlines at Kolkata and the seat-sharing arrangement with Air India.

  • As 32 Indian IT professionals prepared to leave Malaysia Friday after a humiliating week- -end police detention, New Delhi was considering issuing a travel advisory to its citizens planning to visit the country.

This is the first time I am seeing the Indian Govt. standing up for its citizens in crisis.

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2 thoughts on “More developments in Malaysia

  1. And its high time too. I hope they don’t give in after this though like they did after BDR killed BSF soldiers.
    BTW, the blog looks really good. Are you still going to maintain Silicon Notes on blogspot ?

  2. Thanks
    I am going to quit Silicon Notes. MovableType is much more better than blogger in terms of usability. I still am exploring the configuration of this.

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