Speaking in Sanskrit

The professor is one of the many residents in Ganoda village who are confident that they can carry on an entire conversation in Sanskrit without a problem. The grocery shop owner claims he can rattle off shlokas in Sanskrit while in the adjoining utensil store, the owner informs that he helps his children with their language homework.

When Israel became a nation, they revived their language Hebrew. When India became a nation, we killed Sanskrit.

Update: Ashwini says: This is not the first place to speak sanskrit in India. There is a small town near Shimoga in Karnataka where they use mainly Sanskrit in everyday speach. They also know Kannada :-D. This town has been speaking the language for many years now – everyone from the the shopkeepers to officials.

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  1. This was not something I expected from Rajasthan 🙂 Hey next time you back there everyone will speaking Sanskrit and you will look like an illiterate.

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