Flip Flopping on Indian Troop Withdrawal

Nov 11, 2004
Shaukat Aziz, Pakistani Prime Minister:

Pakistan Premier Shaukat Aziz today welcomed the statement by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to reduce troops in Jammu and Kashmir, a move Islamabad hoped would have a “salutary effect” in Kashmir and help further the peace process between the two countries.[Pak PM welcomes India’s move to reduce troops in Kashmir]

Nov 19, 2004
Musharraf, President and CEO of Pakistan:

Musharraf gave a lukewarm welcome to the pullout of troops from Kashmir, suggesting it was a superficial step. “These are good optics, but they are not striking at the strategic issue of moving forward on a resolution. [Musharraf unhappy with signals from India]

So before coming to India, Shaukat Aziz should get the script from Musharraf so that he does not get embarassed while he is in India.