Osama Hunters

B Raman thinks that besides the Americans, Osama bin Laden has one more enemy who is out to get him – the Shi’ites of Pakistan and Afghanistan. They are hunting for bin Laden not because of any love or sympathy for the Americans, but for their own need for revenge.

That might be because they haven’t forgotten what he did to them in 1988. It was then that hundreds of Shi’ites of the Northern Areas (NA – Gilgit and Baltistan) of Pakistan, known before 1947 as the Northern Areas of Jammu and Kashmir, were massacred after a demand raised by them for the creation of an autonomous Shi’ite state called Karakoram, consisting of the Shi’ite majority areas of the NA, Punjab and the Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP). Military ruler General Zia-ul-Haq called in bin Laden, then living in Peshawar, and his Sunni tribal hordes to carry out the massacre.

To avenge these deaths, a Shi’ite airman is believed to have caused an explosion on board the aircraft in which Zia was travelling from Bahawalpur to Islamabad in August 1988. This was followed in 1991 by the assassination in Peshawar of Lieutenant-General Fazle Haq, a retired army officer, close to Zia and hated by the Shi’ites because of his suspected role in the assassination of a respected Shi’ite leader. [Osama and his Shi’ite nemesis]

Osama mean time is appearing all over the region. He is in Tibet-Laddakh region, Iran, Balochistan all at the same time.