Bangladesh – the new base

The Discovery Times Channel had a program on Al Qaeda and one of the points mentioned was that Bangladesh is becoming the new haven. One of the incidents mentioned in the documentary was that of a ship, MV Mecca pulling into the Chittagong Port in Dec 2001.

That night the Bangladeshi military intelligence had apparently cleared off the place all of the schedule has been changed. No ship was really berthing in. Until dock-workers spotted a mysterious ship: the MV Mecca?pulling into port. Indian intelligence later learned about the secret mission of the MV Mecca, and the people who came ashore.
The few dock workers who were that in that area, who then told us that these were people, big tall people, many of them wearing the traditional Afghan shalwar but some of them were in battle fatigues as well which made them look like any other army. After two hours the group had gone ashore.
They had weapons, they had large number of assault rifles, standard AK series assault rifles, they had ammunition boxes and some of them had bigger weapons they were lugging in. At this point the trail goes cold, but there are accounts of fighters disappearing into the Bangladesh countryside. [Script of Al Qaeda 2.0]

Bangladesh is a problem for India since it is hosting many anti-Indian groups there. But it is just not the Indians who are worried.

The Germans are so anxious they bluntly told Bangladesh