Indo-Israeli Relations

Recently one of our readers asked for more details on the co-operation between Israel and India. You can hear that from a former Jewish General in the Indian Army.

“Actually, there is a long history to what is now happening. As early as 1962, during the war between India and China, prime minister Nehru appealed to prime minister David Ben-Gurion, asking him for military aid. Already then, Israel sent military equipment, mainly 120 mm. mortar rounds. It happened again in the war against Pakistan in 1965 and in the war in 1971: Israel supplied India with mortar rounds, even 160 mm. rounds. And Israel once again proved its generosity in the military conflict with Pakistan in 1999; on that occasion, it also assisted in supplying ammunition, even bombs meant for the Mirage jets of the Indian air force.”

The General also believes that even the present Indian Govt. will maintain excellent relations with Israel, even though they have issued statements supporting the Palestinian cause.”

A victory by the Congress Party under the leadership of Sonia Ghandi in the elections to be held in India in May will not lead to any change in India’s policy toward Israel. The good relations will continue, and in certain area even grow deeper,” assesses Lieutenant General J.F.R. Jacob, a former senior Indian army officer and a Jew, who yesterday completed a five-day visit to Israel. “If I had to rank the present-day level of relations between India and Israel,” Jacob adds, “I would give them a 9 out of 10.”[The Jewish general who beat Pakistan]

Well, India and Israel are launching programs to develop nano materials and hi-tech components needed for electronic warfare. Bilateral trade between the two countries have reached $1.23 billion dollars , an increase of about 43%.
The other day Chanakya or Kautilya or Chandragupta Maurya, who runs asked if India has any military allies. Israel is one country who has come to India’s help all the time and India should do everything to maintain that relation.