Connect the dots

bq. “We don’t see any reason – there has been no cause at all for us to have second thoughts about providing any assistance to Pakistan,” Christina Rocca, assistant secretary of state for South Asian affairs, told a congressional hearing in Washington. [“BBC”:]
At the same time in “Los Angeles Times”:,1,3092028.story
bq. International investigators are examining whether Syria acquired nuclear technology and expertise through the black market network operated by rogue Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan, according to a U.S. official and Western diplomats. Intelligence reports found that Khan and some associates visited Syria in the late 1990s and later held clandestine meetings with Syrian nuclear officials in Iran, said Western diplomats from a U.S. ally. Concerns were heightened after an experimental U.S. electronic eavesdropping device recently picked up signals indicating that Syria was operating centrifuges, which enrich uranium for possible use in nuclear weapons. [“LA Times”:,1,3092028.story]