More on Dwaraka

There was considerable excitement when Marine Archeologists discovered “proof of Dwaraka”: in the Gulf of Cambay. But now it seems the exploration has come to standstill. “The article”: in the Organizer has lot of details on the discoveries.
bq. The layout of the excavated city, the spread and the location of fort walls and bastions match the descriptions mentioned in Harivamsha, a prologue to Mahabharata. Harivamsha described the city of Dwarka in minute details. According to it, the area of Dwarka was 12 yojnas. It was connected to the mainland by a strip, which is visible even now, in low tide. The city excavated is of the same size.
bq. Harivamsha, detailing the security arrangements, says that there were seals, without which one could not enter the city. Seals of a particular description were found on the seabed. A stone image of Vishnu, chert blades and pottery are all part of the recovered objects. [“Organizer”:]