Boom Time ?

The good news is that “Cisco is hiring”: WaPo’s Cynthia L. Webb is thinks that this coupled with Google’s IPO will bring back the boom in Silicon Valley. So far California has “not been doing great”:,1,5086506.story?coll=la-home-business.
bq. California’s economy added a modest 16,300 net jobs in April, a disappointing gain that shows the state continuing to lag the recent surge in hiring nationally, according to an employment report released today. Economists were expecting double that number of new jobs, given that payrolls nationwide expanded by 288,000 last month. California accounts for 11% of the U.S. workforce, yet the state has produced only about half of its share in the last two months. And over the last six months, California has generated just 3% of the nation’s job gains.
Most companies are hiring now and I interview atleast 2 candidates per week for openings in my company. But then during boom time the motto as “Trespassers will be recruited”. Now the companies are lot more careful and prefer to get the candidates who match the profile as closely as possible.