Jumping Ship

Election dates have been announced in the largest democracy in the world and for the first time the entire elections will be conducted using electronic voting machines. But what is more interesting is the amount of Congressmen dissing and leaving Congress(I). People who have been in the party for many years, Muslims etc. are now joining the communal BJP. These people may be just opportunistic, jumping ship to ensure a berth in the next ministry. But what is interesting is the comments they make about the party leadership, which is Sonia Gandhi and why they switched to BJP
“Arif Mohammed Khan”:http://in.rediff.com/election/2004/feb/23inter.htm
bq. I spent 89 days in Gujarat [during the riots]. And when the [assembly] elections came, I opposed the BJP. I supported the Congress. But with my support what did they deliver? Why didn’t they deliver? Because they do not have credibility in the masses. They are seen as a party which has all along flirted with minority communalism. They are seen as a party that showed no compunction in playing the Muslim card in the Shah Bano case. Or playing the Hindu card when they tried to offset the reaction which came as a reaction to the Shah Bano case. And the locks of Ayodhya were opened. They can play the Hindu card or Muslim card or Christian card. So their credibility to fight and contain communalism has been eroded.
“Laxman Singh”:http://in.rediff.com/news/2004/feb/25inter.htm, brother of Congress(I) Chief Minister Digvijay Singh
bq. Basically, its sheer opportunism in its electoral alliance with the Dravida Munnetra Kazagham and its southern allies. It befuddles me. Only some years ago they were our enemies for the role in Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination. Today, all that is overturned and the Congress-DMK alliance fructified. It was too much for me.
“Najma Heptulla”:http://www.outlookindia.com/pti_news.asp?id=203332
bq. The senior Congress leader from Maharashtra admitted that the violence in Gujarat had left her ashamed, but said that this does not mean that BJP was anti-minority. “I think Vjpayee is a leader the minorities also have faith in him. I think minorities should also look to the future and not be trapped in the past”, she said.
Few weeks back, India Today had a cover story on a nationwide opinion poll. As per the results the NDA is supposed to get more than 330 seats, which would be a gain of 30 seats from last term. Congress(I) is set to lose those 30 seats. Looks like all the above people too read that issue of India Today.