Stage Managed ?

Our friendly double speaking General had two assination attempts in the past two weeks. Now the media thinks, it has been “stage managed”:
bq. The Saturday Tribune quoted ?a source assigned to a high strategic position? as saying that the previous attempt on December 14 was ?carefully stage-managed by Musharraf?s close staff ? and at his instigation.?
And the reason for the suspicion is
bq. ?The circumstances of the (previous) assassination attempt are strange and alarming.? ?Whoever planted the bomb had to have done so conspicuously, since an explosive of between 800 to 1,000 pounds cannot conceivably be unloaded and planted discreetly, particularly since the bomb was planted on a bridge just half a mile from the headquarters of the Army’s 10th Corps and one of the most secure areas in the country,? it said.
Musharraf does not have many friends in Pakistan. Under American pressure, he had to perform many un-Pakistan activities such as reign in militants, capture some of them and hand over to Americans etc.