Global Terrorist in Pakistan

“Last Month”:
bq. Asked about gangster Dawood Ibrahim’s presence in Pakistan and whether India will take it up with Interpol, Advani avoided a direct response and said the Central Bureau of Investigation Chief P C Sharma is leaving to attend an Interpol conference.
bq. On Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf repeadtedly denying Dawood’s presence in Pakistan, Advani said: “I know that…we have in fact conveyed to them even the telephone numbers he [Dawood] uses. Sometimes he is in Karachi, sometimes he is in Islamabad.”
bq. About the recent statement of a Pakistani minister confirming the gangster’s presence and business interests in Pakistan, the deputy prime minister said: “It only confirms what we have been conveying to the world all these years. It is an official confirmation or rather official admission of something we have been saying for years and which was till now being denied by Pakistan, including by the head of the state. He [Musharraf] formally denied it to me,” Advani said.
Finally what Pakistan and Musharraf has been denying has hit “them hard”:
bq. The US Treasury Department tonight announced that Dawood Ibrahim alias Sheikh Dawood Hassan is a ��specially designated global terrorist�� with a Pak passport and a Karachi address.
bq. In one stroke, not only does this nail Pakistan�s lie and put its President General Pervez Musharraf under pressure to deliver Dawood�one of the 20 most wanted by India�it also puts the terrorist label on the D-company and its network in South-Asia, especially the Mumbai underworld.
Global Terrorists in Pakistan ? Looks like the Uncle asked Musharraf to do something and he did not comply. The pressure tactics come out.