How Peace is "Created"

Even after failing twice, the Indian Prime Minister offers talks again to stop violence by Pakistan in India.
“Reconciliation is PM’s message, dialogue his mantra”:
bq. We want to settle all issues through negotiations. I visited Lahore for the same purpose. As prime minister, I went there for peace. I failed. They attacked us in Kargil. I invited General Sahib to Agra thinking that things will work out but it again failed. I don’ want to go into the details as to how it (these initiatives) failed or who was responsible,” Vajpayee said. “We want to extend the hand of friendship again but it should be reciprocated. It should come from both the sides”.

The black mailers immediately expressed their happiness that their strategy has worked. Khursheed Mahmud Kasuri, Pakistan?s Foreign Minister said
“If India fears infiltration, they should talk?”:
bq. But if India really fears an increase in what it calls cross-border terrorism, it is all the more reason for talks to begin at the earliest.
and soon this is followed by more violence to keep up the pressure
“Kashmir Car Bombing, Gunbattle Kills 5”:
bq. Hours later, at least 10 others were injured in two separate attacks in Kashmir, including an apparent attempt to assassinate the state’s finance minister. Two Pakistan-based Islamic rebel groups claimed responsibility for the car bombing in the state’s summer capital, Srinagar.
This is how peace is created, by holding a gun to your head.